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The Bath Church show is a phenomenon unto itself. I saw signs in the neighborhood for years and thought, oh, just another small-time church fund raiser. Finally, I actually went to look at it and was really impressed with the quality, as well as quantity, of the work. It's mostly 2D but some outstanding ceramics and wood. And mostly, I was impressed by seeing lots of artists whose work I look up to; I thought, wow, I need to be represented here.

The show is unique in that it's not juried (normally this is the kiss of death), does not charge for space, and does not exact a commission on sales, although they are glad for contributions. You can only enter three pieces, so this year I put in three big ones, tables.

This little side table uses three layers of architectural glass samples, 12" square captured in mitred frames, to create a sense of infinite recurrence. The lowest panel is mirror glass. The wood is cherry.

This card tabler replicates the dimensions of my mother's old card table with folding legs and a leather top. I wanted to allude to the classic look as well as functionality of a card table, but with more of a mid-century tough. Likewise I wanted to use live edge slabs but totally without the usual "rustic" look! The two slabs were originally one; I bisected it and set them side by side, with a strip of wenge in the middle to emphasize their jointness and separateness.

This is another gorgeous piece of curly cherry with live edges, but again, no rustic for me, thanks. I made the legs from laminated strips of tiger maple and Brazilian padauk. And yes, back two legs don't match; how boring would that be! I like the look of the padauk dowels that appear to hold the leg blocks (they actually just cover screw holes).